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Prior to Breaking into Major League Baseball

High School Baseball Career: He made Varsity as a junior.
College: He spent one month at Miami-Dade North (Community College).
Majored in: English
Religion: Catholic, "I'm a Catholic boy." -Mike.


Bat: Mizuno 
Glove: Rawlings, PRO-CML
Chest Protector: Rawlings  

Mike's  Favorite

Sport: Hockey
Food: Italian
Drink: Iced Tea
Color: Black
Type of Music: Heavy Metal
Song: Seasons in the Abyss
Snack: Oreo Cookies
Author: Steven King
Flower: White Rose
Animal: Black Widow Spider


Pet Peeve: An un-pressed shirt
Prized Possession: Gold Bracelet, (family heirloom)
MLB player he admired most as a youth: Mike Schmidt

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