I Can Almost
By Victoria Walker
(Contact: GrlAmarige@aol.com)

In loving memory of James Michael Pace 4/5/55 - 7/26/90
and William Leslie Pace 12/11/68 - 10/08/87

I can almost see you smile
In the shadows of my mind,
Bringing to me the peace
I have struggled so hard to find.

I can almost hear your voice
Telling me "Be not saddened nor afraid,
Just remember all the good,
How we loved and laughed and played".

I can almost feel your touch
Wiping away my every tear
As I stand among my shattered dreams
Letting me know you both are still near.

I can almost hear you say,
"One day, you'll be here too.
Live the life you have before you
For we will be here, waiting to welcome you".