For A Touch From You

By Nick
I want to feel you,
close to me.
I want your love,
so much
and you'll see.

How much I can care
for just one.
I can love you,
so much
when your heart's won.

To feel your love,
I would swim so far,
I would climb any mountain,
I would wish
on every star.

I would carry you to safety,
shelter you from pain,
I can see us together,
I wish you felt the same.

I would wait my life,
for just one touch.
There's never been another,
who has meant
so much.

To feel your warm lips,
for just one minute,
I would give my life
and you would have my heart,
and everything that's in it.

To be with you forever,
would be my only dream.
I love you so much,
so dearly,
And you'd see what love means.

I'd stand by you through anything,
I'd back everything you say,
because I love you,
that much,
and my love will always stay.