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My opinion about Mike:

I consider him the best player in the game today!
Mike is doing an excellent job as a Met! Despite what many dedicated fans think, Mr. Piazza is not the Mets "savior." In fact, the Mets have had a very good team in the past; they just needed a little more offense to help them win those tough pitching duels. Mike provides the extra offense to win those close games.
Randy Johnson may have won the Cy Young award 4 times, but Piazza has a .385 batting average against him, including one homerun. Against "the Rocket", Roger Clemens, Piazza has a .538 batting average, plus in 12 at bats he has 7 hits, three of those being homeruns.

**Also, I have received many e-mail questions concerning Mike Piazza's personal life, and my answer to all of them is as follows:

I do NOT know about Mike's personal life, and I do not care to know about it. As fans it is none of our business who he, or any other athlete is dating or married to. In fact, I think that the press cares more about whom so-and-so is going out with rather then what he is hitting. My point is that I will not answer e-mails dealing with the above matter with the answer that you are looking for; instead, I will simply delete them. I DO NOT have Piazza's e-mail address, nor would I give it out if I did have it. You can contact him by writing to:

Mr. Mike Piazza
C/O The New York Mets
Shea Stadium
123-01 Roosevelt Avenue
Flushing, NY 11368

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