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"When I started catching, I was confused and frustrated and didnt think I'd ever be able to do it." -Piazza.

"He turns out to be one of the greatest players in our game." -Tom Lasorda on Mike when he was just starting out with the Dodgers.

"I always feel like I should be playing better. I've never been one to sit back and say, 'Look at this, look at that.' I look at the whole season." -Piazza

"Before your out of this game, you'll break every offensive record ever set by a catcher, you'll have harem, and you'll have more money than you'll know what to do with." -Tommy Lasorda, to Mike Piazza, the day he was traded to the Marlins.

"It seems the problem is if you don't play well in this series you're almost an outcast in this city," Piazza said. "It seems like the city is just focused on this event. The time we didn't play well we felt like total losers. It's funny as hell." -Piazza.

"They're the most relaxed club in the postseason." -Yankees manager, Joe Torre

"I think it's good for baseball. It's a compliment to...us. People counted us...out all year, waiting for [us] to die. There's no quit in [us]." -Unknown

"I can honestly say these games have had more intensity than the playoff games I've been in." -Piazza, on the Subway Series

"..There's no other rivalry like this." -Piazza, on the Subway Series

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