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On Mike's trade to the Mets

"I knew New York was where I was meant to be." -Mike.

"I didn't want to go (anywhere else)." Mike.

"I'm very excited to be with the Mets and playing in New York City. I'm enthusiastic about helping the Mets get into the playoffs any way I can." -Piazza.

"It's not gonna get any easier, I know that." -Mike

"I have gone from a player who thought he would spend his whole career with one organization to a player who's been with three organizations in a week. It's like rotisserie baseball." -Piazza.

"My lifestyle won't change that much....I'm not going to buy a jet or anything." -Mike, on his big contract

"There have been a lot of teams that were supposed to win and should have won, but they didn't play together and they didn't win. Teams may have a couple of stars and they'll do a big part, but you need everybody to contribute in order to win." -Mike.

On being Signed by the Mets

"I'm not a savior, I'm not going to carry the team to a Championship, but I know I'm going to have a substantial role in it." -Mike

"I have unfinished business to attend to with the Mets." -Mike at the press conference after he was signed for $91 million.

"I definitely had some growing pains. Once I went through the ups and downs, I knew I wanted to finish my career here." -Mike.
"I knew I had unfinished business." -Mike.
"The Mets showed a tremendous commitment to me." -Mike

"Everyone said, 'Stay in New York,' now you have me." -Mike

On What He Thinks about playing in the "Capital of the Word."

"The guys have been awesome, the crowd was awesome and I really feel at home right now." -Mike

"I knew NY was where I was meant to be." -Mike

"Its (New York) the capital of the world." -Mike

"I might as well get booed by the best...the expectations are high, but I'm up for the challenge." -Mike

"I grew to really love New York last year, it's a great city with so much to do." -Mike at the press conference after he was signed for 91 million.

"...When I left, I found myself missing it. That's when I knew I really wanted to be here. I was in California, and I knew the page had turned to a new chapter. I really wanted to move east." -Mike on moving to NY.

On What He Will Provide and Wants to Achive For the Mets

"If I'm fortunate enough to get into the Hall of Fame one day, I'll definitely be in a New York Mets uniform." -Mike

"I want to become a fixture here in New York" -Mike

"Mets fans deserve a championship, I want to be on that championship team." -Mike.

"...What's missing is a World Series ring. That will be driving me beginning this spring." -Mike at the press conference after he was signed for 91 million.

"I want to prove myself and play hard for this team and these fans and let everything else take care of itself." -Mike

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