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"Mike Piazza is a name. It's name that Baseball fans know. It's a name Mets fans, old and new, will come to Shea to watch." -Unknown

Quotes by Mike or friends of Mike's

"Piazza is the best hitting catcher on the planet." -Matthew Leach, for Mets.com

"Mike Piazza, along with (Mark) McGwire and (Sammy) Sosa, is one of the most feared sluggers. I think Mike is a better hitter than those other two guys..." -Joe Torre, Yankee Manager

"One thing anyone can go through is a slump. Unless you're Greg Maddux, it's going to happen to everybody." -Mike Piazza

"I'm not trying to prove anybody wrong, I'm just trying to prove something to myself." - Mike Piazza

"I'm playing Baseball because I love it, not because I need the money or the attention. That's why I've been so dedicated. I've accomplished a lot of things no one ever thought I could and I've done it from hard work." - Mike Piazza

"I believe that everything happens for a reason." -Mike

"It's funny how life is, you never know what to expect." -Mike

"Anything you want to do, give it your best because you may only get one chance to do it." -Mike

"I just basically go out and try to play hard everyday. I don't look at statistics or listen to other people's opinions about 'the greatest' players in baseball. You could ask 100 people and you would get 100 different opinions. I try to keep everything in perspective." -Mike

"Show up every day and come to work, like a job. That's all you can do." -Mike

"I'm not worried about putting up any specific numbers personally." -Piazza

"I think I have basically the same goal as everybody else around here, and that's to win a World Championship." -Piazza.

"Against certain pitchers, you see the ball well, no matter how well he throws, I really see the ball well off Roger." -Piazza, on hitting off of Clemens.

"There's no doubt that Mike brings a different aura to our group. He's special, he's that marquee player, he's a superstar. He's personable, talented and good looking." -Bobby Valentine.

"Piazza is definitely the one guy you don't want to let beat you." -Roger Clemens.

"He's an unbelievable player who is doing things that some of the great catchers in baseball never did." -Tom Lasorda

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