Game 4 of the World Series

With the Mets down 2 games to one, they started Neagle vs. Jones. Derek Jeter started the game off with his first World Series Homerun, on the first pitch of the game.
Yankees Outfielder, Paul O'Neil tripled in the second and later scored off of a Scott Brosius sacrifice fly.
In the third, Derek Jeter hit a triple and later scored when Luis Sojo hit a grounder to second base. Jeter opened the third with a triple and scored on Luis Sojo's grounder to second, making it 3-0. In the bottom of the inning, Timo Perez, got on base.

Following that, Mike Piazza hit a 2 run homerun.
The score by then was 3-2 Yankees leading, and no more runs where able to score.
Cone, however, who pitched later in the game managed to retire Piazza when the slugger popped out.
There is more bad news for the Mets though: in the 40 chances where a team has trailed 3 games to 1 in a World Series, only six of them have come back to win.
Tonight it is Al Leiter vs. Andy Pettitte at Shea Stadium.