Game 1 of the World Series

Last night was the first game of the 2000 World Series. During this game, not only was their constant excitement, two records where also broken. The Yankees where able to pull out a 4-3 win in the bottom of the 12th, to make it their 13th consecutive World Series win .It was also the longest game ever played at 4:51 minutes.

Todd Zeile smashed the ball into the top of the left field padding, in the 6th inning. For a while everyone thought it was a homerun, but the umpire down the line called it fair, and although Valentine signaled it was a Homer, the replay tape proved the Umpire correct. As a result of the ball being in play, Timo Perez was cut down by Posada, at a play at the plate. In the Yankees half of the inning, they where able to score two runs, making the game 2-0 Yankees. Next inning though, it was the Mets turn to score some runs. Benny Agbayani and Jay Payton led off the inning by getting on base. Next up was Todd Pratt who was walked. Now, with the basses loaded Buba Trammell was at the plate, pinch hitting. He came through with a two run hit to left. The game was then tied. Perez was thrown out, but the other runners advanced to second and third. Alfonzo hit the ball to Brosius, but 'Fonzie was able to beat out the play at first, to allow Pratt to score. The Mets where now ahead 3-2.

Chuck Knoblauch tied up the game, at 3-3 in the ninth with a basses loaded sacrifice fly.

Leading off the 12th was Tino Martinez. Jorge Posada got a double, and O'Neill, the next batter up, loaded the basses with a walk. Sojo ended the string of men on base when he got out. However, the next batter, Jose Vizcaino, got a hit and the winning run came home. Vizcaino was a surprise starter for the Yankees. He has had much success against, Mets started Al Leiter, and so he was put in. Mike Stanton got the technical win, even though some might consider Vizcaino the real winner, after singling in, O'Niell to end the game at, 1:04 AM ET.

Tonight's game, Game 2, will have Clemens starting for the Yankees at their home park. Mets Catcher, Mike Piazza is expected to play. If he does, it will make the game quite interesting, as a result of what happened last time Clemens and Piazza faced each other. Piazza got beaned by Clemens earlier in the season, and have not versed each other since. The concussion that Piazza got caused him to have to pass his Invitation to play in the All-Star game.