Mickey Cochrane

Gordon Stanley Cochrane

Nickname: Black Mike

Teams: Philadelphia and Detroit (traded in 1933)

Born: Massachusetts

DOB: 4/6/03

DOD: 6/28/6

Hitting ability/achievements

As a rookie Gordon caught in 134 games (a record,) and hit .331

1929- batted .331, with 69 walks and only eight strikeouts in 514 at-bats!

Never struck out more than 26 times in a season

Defensive ability

He caught more than 100 games, (a very rare feat at that time,) for 11 seasons.


He won 5 pennants

3 were consecutive

2 World Championships

Set records: .320 lifetime average, .419 on-base a percentage, played 134 games as a rookie

He also managed a major league team, became a scout, coach and general manager


The great Mickey Mantle was named after Cochrane, his father didn't know that his idol's real name was Gordon.

Became a member of the Hall of Fame in 1947