Roy Campanella

Born: 1921

Grew up in: Philadelphia


"From the start, catching appealed to me as a chance to be in the thick of the game continuously." -Campanella

"You got to be a man to play baseball for a living, but you got to have a lot of little boy in you too."-Campanella

Hitting skills/Achievements

1951-won MVP; .325 batting ave. 33 Homers, 108 RBI

1953-won MVP; .312 batting ave. 41 Homers, 142 RBI (led league,) and scored 103 runs

1955-won MVP; .218 batting ave. 32 Homers, 107 RBI

Defensive Achievements

By the mid 1940's he was being compared to the great Josh Gibson, for best catcher in the Negro Leagues


He managed to win five pennants in ten years


Injuries: Spring Training of 1954-chipped bone in his left hand. Hit .207 in 111 games.

1956-Previous injury (in 1954) had caused nerve damage.

1957-As a result of hand injury hitting declined

Paralyzed in car accident between the winter of 1957-1958 and never played again; was confined to a wheelchair

Inducted into Hall of Fame in 1969.